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An investigation of the consequences of belief in a conspiracy theory related to COVID on attitudes and behavior during the pandemic thus is. The social sciences have increasingly recognized the importance of understanding conspiracy beliefs, and empirical research on this phenomenon. From political upheavals to anxieties about sex, technology and women, it turns out conspiracy theories can tell us a lot about what's going. CIVICUS speaks about the role that conspiracy theories are playing with Chip Berlet, an investigative journalist and activist who specialises in. Philipp Hübl on the characteristics of conspiracy theories the motivation behind their spread, and rational thought as a shield against it. Our review of the literature shows that conspiracy beliefs result from a range of psychological, political, and social factors. Next, how are conspiracy. Trump supporters rallying to 'reopen' the economy from COVID safety restrictions carry. Coronavirus conspiracy theories fuel anti-vaccination. Many citizens distrust powerful societal institutions, and hold conspiracy theories about them. What are the implications of this suspicion of institutions for. Conspiracy theories—beliefs attributing agency over important world events to the secret plot- ting of powerful, malevolent groups—have been. In response to the COVID pandemic, misinformation and conspiracy theorizing have surged. President Trump, for example, praised the.

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